3 Reasons Photography is Important in the Real Estate Business

Photography is beautiful in every way. It’s not just an art of taking photos or the use of
light to create images, it has been used to tell beautiful stories over time, save memories
and grow businesses. Photography is more about vision and not just about the clicking of
the shutter button like we all do these days. A photographer or someone with a good eye
is more likely to take better pictures and beautiful images than an amateur who’s
handling a camera for the first time.

Photography has transformed the way we live and see the world today.

Real estate, on the other hand, involves selling, buying, investing and managing real
estate properties legally be it buildings or lands along with any natural resource that can
be found on it. The real estate covers all property management services in general.

The real estate market is highly competitive because there are more and more real estate
firms springing up every day with new ideas, more access to funding with limited access
to clients. So, many real estate agencies out there are struggling to keep afloat or stay in
the market even. This is why they have to come up with several ways to stay ahead of the
competition, wow potential clients and try something new in a way that they keep
pushing the envelope to stay successful.

Here are the 3 categories of real estate there are,

1. Commercial real estate: This includes public buildings such as parks, offices, schools,
educational centers, and hospitals.

2. Residential real estate: The word “residential” says it all. Split-level, castles, duplex
and bungalows are all residential real estate.

3. Industrial real estate: Warehouses, industries and manufacturing plants all fit into
this category.

Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Business

  • Use of social media: In the modern world today, social media is the biggest platform
    used to promote almost everything if not everything. Social media platforms such as
    Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are used to put yourself and business on the market
    and the world to see so the proper use of social media will help promote your business.
  • Blogging: Having your personal blog also helps put your business out there and helps
    you improve online visibility. By posting helpful and relevant real estate related content
    that will help people that intend to invest in properties and also other real estate
    businesses, this could help you get the trust of potential clients.
  • Hosting webinars: By hosting webinars you’re able to reach out to new audiences,
    meet potential clients and decision makers thereby putting your business on a larger
    scale and making your business more accessible to potential clients.
  • Creating a company website: With a company website, you’re able to share all
    services, product, and offers offered by the company. Ads about all services also are to be
    put on the company website. All this put together would help clients distinguish between
    the kinds of services they want and help them know all services offered by the company.
  • Photography: Photography covers all aspect of the modern world today. The niche of
    photography that covers real estate is known as architectural photography which
    involves taking photographs of all kinds of architectural buildings. A photographer with
    a good eye and vision who would take photos of your real estate properties to post on
    your company website, showcase at your webinars, use for social media promotions and
    to also send to potential clients will definitely be a game changer in the real estate
    market. Like the saying goes “a picture speaks more than a thousand words”.

Few Tips on How to Take a Good Photograph

  • Good Camera: Good camera’s take good photos. Getting a good enough camera will
    always get the job done and also the photographer should have at least some type of
    experience with photography not necessarily architectural photography. With experience
    and a good camera, it’s only normal for better quality pictures to be taken. A camera I
    would recommend for an individual as a beginner would be the cannon T6i.
  • Shaky Camera: Avoid camera shake or shaky hands during photo-shoots as this could
    cause the photos to blur which produces a low-quality image. To avoid blur images you’ll
    first have to learn to hold your camera correctly and in the right way using both hands.
  • Use of Simple Background: The use of simple background is always best as it helps
    you determine what gets in your shot as you have to focus your camera on what you want
    your potential clients to see without including side attractions or distractions in your
  • Know the Basic settings: learning the basic settings e.g. ISO among many others
    makes you a better handler of the camera.
  • Learn to clean your camera leans regularly.
  • Knowing when to use and not use your flash.

Use of Drone Technology for Real Estate Photography

Drone technology is no more a technology solely meant for military applications, these
days people of various professions use drones in their field of work. In property
management services we are beginning to see realtors using drones to make their job
more proficient and to stay ahead of their competition. Using drones, they can show a
property from different angles with relative ease, thereby assisting them to possibly close
a customer. For example, using drones they can give an aerial view of a building, see
different areas of the property including and different angles of it too, they can make fun
create videos to use as ads and so much more. Although there are obviously some
regulations against the indiscriminate use of drones for privacy and security reasons, a
realtor can obtain permission from relevant agencies in order to use drones.

Photography is not the only you can grow your real estate business of course, but is it
sure most important in the sense that if done right it should transform your real estate
business, put it on the map and take it places given it’s done properly. So, if you’re
looking to grow your business, photography is one aspect of marketing to look into
because it does it all.


Ayesha Lee

Published by VRLY

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