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Better than a Billboard

80% of home buyers start their search online. So, allocate those marketing funds to where it truly matters: mobile phones. Put your face and brand in front of a hyper-targeted audience of buyers and sellers. We use Matterport scans virtual home listings and marketing ad’s to help sell your current listing while attracting potential new listings.

How does VRLY use Matterport scanning, Photos, and Drone?

At our core, we here at VRLY understand digital marketing. We utilize Matterport scanning, Drones, Photos, as well as other cutting-edge technology in our 3-Step Process to conduct hyper-targeted, focused digital marketing campaigns to put your brand and listings in front of already-interested parties. In fact, chances are you’ve already seen one of our ads.

“At 1:00 pm we released the VRLY. By 9:00 pm the house was sold”

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Step 1: Get Scanned

Using the latest Drones, Real Estate Photos, Matterport scanning technology, VRLY scans your home and creates a 3D model. The scans are a real 3D representation of your home that enables others to take 360 virtual walks through your listings. Rather than staging the house and opening the home again and again – use VRLY to let others walk through your listings from their computer, smartphone or VR goggles.

VRLY is Lincoln and Omaha’s Nebraskas premiere VR Matterport scanning solution – with over 100+ scanned spaces here in Nebraska. Our scanners are friendly, courteous and will treat your clients with the utmost professionalism throughout the process.

Use VRLY MLS-Compliant 3D scan on all your listings!

Step 2: Get Online

Your listing deserves it’s own website. Each VRLY website includes the Matterport 3D virtual tour, Drone Video, Real Estate Photos, listing information, video walkthrough and your agent contact information – everything needed to help interested parties reach out for the next step.

Does my listing really need a website?

If a home is for sale, it should be on the internet. Our VRLY method works best by bringing interested parties from social media to your VRLY listing page. The listing page includes your agent phone number and email.

Step 3: Get Noticed

VRLY utilizes the power of social media marketing and data driven behaviors to put your brand and home listings in front of the right people. On average, our posts reach thousands of eyeballs and mobile devices. More shares and comments lead to more clicks and calls – and more qualified leads. Ask more for your listings. Get more calls and higher offers with VRLY’s online marketing.

Best yet, we will provide you with our VRLY Social Media Tips to help you make the most your home listing and win more listings in the process.

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3D virtual tour VRLY walkthroughs aren't your traditional virtual tours. It's a new form of immersive 3D media that invites you to explore a home as if you were really there. Click inside a VRLY space and start exploring.

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Unique Listing Website Listing website that includes: Virtual walkthrough, custom video advertisment, map of the location of listing,  listing information and contact form.

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Facebook Campaign Social media marketing for you and your listing. (Average posts reach thousands of eyeballs.) More eyes on your listings and more eyes on your brand.

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